Dinner with THE view! Your next date night spot is HERE!

The big rotating “ball” in the middle of the Dallas Sky line, not only has a name but it has one of Dallas top restaurants in the very top of the tower. Reunion Tower is something I’m shocked I only went to check it out after an entire year of living in Dallas!!! Now to be honest with you, I do have a fear of heights so it’s really not a HUGE surprise that I haven’t been begging to go, but I’m definitely glad that I did. When walking in you kind of feel like your getting in line for an amusement park ride. The elevators are steep, with long glass windows (luckily I got right next to the window) that takes you a total of 68 seconds to get to the top. As soon as the doors open your greeted by the host, and a full view of ceiling to floor windows and the most breath taking view of the city I have ever seen! Since we were geared up in Sunday fun day attire, my tennis shoes and denim shorts weren’t exactly up to par with this stunning view, so we opted to sit at the bar (the host even said something to one of the girls we were with for the holes in her jeans, so make sure you come dressed responsibly!).

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.59.48 PM

The cocktail menu was just as thought out as the eclectic flair on the dinner menu. The bar was operating like a well oiled machine, cranking out freshly made craft cocktails for not only the growing crowd at the bar, but for the restaurant as well, all while explaining what was going into each cocktail. The provocatively named cocktails make for a fun twist. My favorite cocktail was the “Hot Legs” which contained Chopin vodka, guava puree, Thai basil, lemon grass and ginger. OMG! Thank God the food came when it did, because those were going down wayyyyy to easy!

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.06.53 PM

When it comes to ordering we tried to taste as many things as possible, so we ordered our food tapas style and shared amongst each other. We had the pork belly bap buns, baby back ribs, spicy tuna tartare, sausage fried rice, chicken dumplings, and the crispy Texas quail. The Texas Quail was BY FAR my favorite thing we tried on the menu.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.07.25 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.07.32 PMScreen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.07.43 PM

With the combination of focusing on the fact that the restaurant was moving and a couple ” Hot Legs” later, we decided to skip dessert and call it night. ( your girl was feeling tipsy) The experience was incredible, definitely a fun place to go on a date, show someone from out of town the skyline of Dallas, or have a birthday dinner.

Just remember to #DressResponsibly!!!! ( like for real, cause they might not let you in!) Tell em’ DDG sent ya!

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.07.54 PM

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