Looking for an escape in your own city? Welcome to the Good Life…

Deep Ellum, we have a new kid on the block, Vidorra, meaning the “good life”, is coming to the neighborhood courtesy of the Milkshake concepts, the group behind Deep Ellum native Stirr, and club Citizen located in uptown. Vidorra is not here to be the next run of the mil tex-mex spot, excellent cuisine and an incredible tequila selection with a social setting is the goal. The restaurant is defined by three areas, the dinning room, the ground floor patio, and the upstair patio which give the guest each different vibes. The second you enter the building you’re taken out of Dallas. Murals painted, hanging couches from the ceiling and a large moss wall, amongst smaller details such as tiles in the bathroom,create a fun atmosphere.




We sat at the bar when we first came in, a HUGE wrap around inside/outside bar. The drink menu was extensive with a long list of tequilas, mescal and mixed cocktails to pick from. Drinks served in clay pots for sharing, an easy to drink mezcal drink served in a Topo Chico bottle, various tequila flights, and even a couple frozen drinks.Servers were extremely knowledgeable when it came to pointing me in the right direction of cocktails and hit the nail on the head each time. I am not a big mezcal person, and they have found a way to make me a believer with the Night in Tulum, which was a mix of passion fruit, mezcal and repasado tequila.


As soon as we sat we were greeted by our server who immediately filled our waters and chips and salsa hit the table within minutes. (already winning points in my book) Lets start with something as simple as the chips. O-M-G The seasoning had almost a Doritto “cool ranch”taste, that were incredibly addicting, served with two different types of salsa. The original had the perfect amount of heat, and was clearly house-made. The second one was almost like a spicy creamy ranch, which I ended putting on everything. We also started with the ceviche which had baby scallops, crab, white and red onions, mango, cherry tomatoes served with house made flour tortilla chips that were to die for. The table next to us ordered the “barreled Nachos” nachos, which were served in a paint can like dish, which made for a really cool presentation, although we were not ambitious enough to order that, it looked delicious and really good for a larger party. For the main course I ordered the shrimp and tamale cakes, that looked as good as the presentation was, house-made corn cakes,sautéed shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, salsa verde, and a southwestern creama. We ordered the fajitas as well, which came out on a cool presentation board, that was easy for sharing. Although at this point I was completely stuffed, I had my eyes on the Churro Stack all night. The dessert menu had four different items, and honestly was a tough call on which one to order but the churro stack seemed easiest to share. Warm cinnamon sugar churros,coconut white chocolate, and a spicy mango sauce. OMG.



After we were done eating, we went upstairs to the rooftop where a Dj was playing music, overlooking the most beautiful view of the Dallas skyline. Had a couple drinks upstairs before it started getting pretty crowded and we decided to call it a night. Definitely the perfect ending to a wonderful evening.



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