Cowhide is the new Leopard Print

With New York Fashion week about to kick off, it’s only right we start off discussing one of our favorite trends thus far, which tends to be at the top of our list every season, ANIMAL PRINT.  The Evolution of animal print in fashion never seems to die, whether its leopard print, snakeskin, zebra, tiger, and now cowhide, really making this trend “western fashion”. Influential brands and designers have a huge handle on all things western, from Calvin Kliens rodeo shirts, to Fendi cowboy boots, this trend is about to take over. Remember in the early 2000’s cowhide tried to make a breakout? Well, it was a short lived trend, but is now emerging back and with more sophistication than before! You will begin to notice a lot of early 2000 trends are back, so dust off that Ed hardy shirt (just kidding, thats never coming back) and get ready for Spring/Summer!


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